Georgian Grand Ballroom

This grand ballroom provides a classically elegant Georgian style atmosphere for special events. Six chandeliers, gorgeous Corinthian columns, cornice embellishments with intricate moldings, a large, decorative fireplace and a polished wood dance floor are just some of the highlights of this lovely room. Weddings, holiday celebrations and community fundraisers are just a few of the special moments celebrated in this historic room.


The Cutter Room

This room is named in honor of Kirtland Cutter, the beloved architect who designed many of the iconic buildings of Spokane, including the Spokane Club. The room shares many of the same architectural elements of the Georgian Ballroom, but with a more intimate size and feel. A stunning chandelier, focal-point fireplace and beautiful artwork make this room the perfect venue for gatherings where elegance and privacy are top priorities.


Crystal Room

True to its name, this beautiful, sun-filled room features two stunning crystal chandeliers that lend a sparkle to any gathering. A sitting area, wet bar and private rest room make this a great choice for bridal showers and birthdays, as well as all-day business meetings and luncheons.


Civic Room

This board room-style venue is ideal for business and civic gatherings and lunch or dinner meetings. A private sitting area with overstuffed chairs, a wet bar and a private bathroom are key features.


Gourmet Room

This multi-purpose meeting room has the same floor plan as the Civic and also features a private sitting area with pretty arm chairs, a wet bar and a private bathroom. The soft color palette of the walls and accompanying furnishings of this room make it a great choice for business and civic meetings as well as wedding and baby showers.



Frequently Asked Questions 

Do I have to be a member to have an event at the Club?
No, you don’t have to be a member. However, the Club does require you to have a member sponsor. The Catering staff is happy to connect you with a member to facilitate sponsorship.

If I am a member, do I have to attend the event or meeting to be its sponsor?
No, you don’t need to attend in order to sponsor. The Club requests that you simply fill out a Sponsor Authorization form with the Catering Department.

What types of rooms are available?
The Club features six primary banquet rooms, appropriate for 15 to 250 guests. The largest, grandest rooms are the Georgian Ballroom, the Cutter Room and the Library. Three beautiful, smaller banquet rooms are available for more intimate gatherings.

Is there a charge for using a meeting room?
Yes, all private meeting rooms at the Club have a very reasonable food and beverage minimum. Once that minimum is met, there is no additional fee.

Is there convenient parking available?
Yes, the Club offers a secure lot to guests. Rates are extremely competitive for downtown parking.